18 December 2008


Yesterday, Scarlett Johansson did a favor for Jay Leno. She caught a cold from Spirit co-star, Sam Jackson. Blew her nose unto a tissue, signed the plastic ziplock that held the used thing &.. as of 1am, Thursday morning..  . the current bid ( oh! because its being auctioned off on Ebay! ) is at $1,625 usd.  All proceeds go to benefit USA Harvest. weird,huh?

22-december-08: the tissue ended up going for 5,300.00 usd. 

14 December 2008


A brisk summer weekend, in San Francisco. It was the Outside Lands Music festival (Radiohead night), when I decided to grab an iced coffee at one of the food vendors at the festival. 

Why do I continue to get iced coffee drinks when it's cold? When I lived in NY, I would always grab a coffee at one of the stands before work & I could never wait long enough, for my hot coffee, to cool before I was at work. Coffee & Cigarettes, one of my favorites. An iced coffee always sufficed

Anyways,  back to the festival.. Displayed, at the coffee shack were some YUMMY looking sandwich cookies, covered in powdered sugar. Is that caramel in between? "Alfajores", the nice counter lady declared. "Iced coffee and an alfajor, please!" I, just about, died and gone to heaven as I walked away, with alfajor in hand. I really didn't want to share it with Ruben. But he would have needed to experience the cookie, just as much as me. They're that good. 

The next day... I forgot what they were called!? A couple weeks later, I awoke to Ingrid Hoffman's Simply Delicioso. She was making alfajores! I vowed to myself.. never to forget the name of these Argentinean cookies, again. 

Above, is a shot of my own homemade version. They turned out really good, but I'll need a lil more practice to perfect it. Recipe, thanks to mattbites.

06 December 2008

top of The List..

the first of all the christmas movies, I can't wait to see. Especially with Gabriel Macht, as the Spirit. the curious case of Benjamin Button comes in 2nd. What about you?

05 December 2008


Last week: "Turn around, I'm ordering your Christmas present (online)"- BF, ruben. I had no idea what he was getting me. 2 days ago: The shipped box lay on my laptop. "Should I wait until Christmas to open it?"... "Oh, what the hell!" Three cloth wrapped ..things ( I didn't know what), labeled seascape, landscape and winterscape. As I shook the parcel, I knew immediately. "..all three of them!?" 

These are so beautiful! Thanks to the Curiosity Shoppe.. where I first fell in love with yellow owl workshop. think about good people, simple things in life.. don't let stress get to you, especially this time of year. i heart my jigah, ruben.

02 December 2008

happy holidays, from downtown san jose.

01 December 2008

cheech & chong

San Jose stop, 30-11-2008. Glad to have seen 'em, in my lifetime. a/k/a Tommy Chong
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