01 December 2009

I am thankful for...

store bought pie & home-made whipped cream.

It only took a couple of minutes.. . . . With my hand held mixer (and whisk attachment), I blended a half pint of whipping cream, until it thickened slightly. Then, I added a tablespoon of powdered sugar, a dash of vanilla extract, and continued mixing. When you pull the whisk away, and see the soft peak..  the whipped cream is ready! Just enough for one pie.

This was a great ending to a fun Thanksgiving with my family. And a wonderful start to this holiday season. I'll be back soon, with a review on a fantastic film, I saw this past weekend.

28 September 2009

Take a stand.

Earlier this week, I awoke with the yearning for... .an awesome cake stand. My love for cooking ( and all things kitchenware ) has led me here. I think it is a definite necessity in my home, and hope to, one day, stumble upon the ultimate vintage find. For now, I've found a few great D.I.Y.'s. The latter, of the three, being my most favourite! Afterall, I do <3 trees.

top: vintage redux  left: terra whata?  right: prettyy
The possibilities are endless, and a cake stand always adds a bit of "oooh and awww" at little gatherings. But who even needs the party? Just shrink it down to a saucer size, for the ever so beautiful "single cupcake stand". I'm in love with this one, I spotted over at Etsy. .by WhitneySmith. The color is very eye pleasing. "thou shalt eat cake!"

09 September 2009

i think i'm in love.. .again.

Just couldn't help, but share, the latest oncewed d.i.y., by Anna Bond (of Rifle Design). What a fabulous twist on the ever-so-popular pom pom. Anna rocks!

31 August 2009

did you hear?

Anthropologie is having a sale.. .some pretty good finds, if I do say so, myself.

19 August 2009

stop motion + Wes Anderson =

I love anything that involves, my hero, Wes Anderson. He's written and directed some of my most favorite films- the Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and (one of my all-time #1`s) the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. The story, humor, and slight bitterness in his films inspire me to "WRITE MORE". .and his movie sets!? breath-taking.

You can imagine.. I jumped with joy after viewing the trailer for his latest flick, Fantastic Mr. Fox. The film`s based on the book by Roald Dahl, of the same name. I've been hearing about the cartoon, for awhile, now. And was pleasantly surprised, to see (in the trailer), that it's been made in stop-motion animation! ~can't wait (hearts)

15 August 2009

i heart poufs.

Donna Wilson is super cool.. & with this lovely designed "pouf", she's helped me fall in love. The color and pattern, together, is just funky. Simple, yet modern.. with a bit of nature and whimsy thrown in.

You gotta check out her website, for more striking pieces. Like this sweeet pillow- another one of my favorites~

05 August 2009

soo cute

I love this escort card idea, by the great Anna Bond of
Rifle Paper Co. Maybe, putting random things on the other end (other than just carrots). The first thing i thought of was a tire? I don't know why. Get the complete How-To.. .here.. .at OnceWed.

10 July 2009

04 July 2009

happy fourth.. of July, Americans :)

Whilst cruising around the neighborhood. ..

I found a replica of the Up movie house, complete with tons of balloons!

24 June 2009

oh, San Francisco. .

.. how beautiful you are.

More digital photographs, I had saved on my desktop. Not ready to file away in its appropriate folder, quite yet. At least.. not until, I have a a chance to showcase some favorites from a recent outing with girlfriends. So many cool little places, in every corner. We were on the hunt for some "new home" furniture, with a dash of "paper-chasing", along the way.

22 June 2009

first photos...

thank you nevver.tumblr.com for posting a photo and link to my most anticipated film (to watch) next year.. Tim Burton`s Alice in Wonderland.

did I mention it's gonna be in 3D?

10 June 2009

the 3D movie comeback, yah dig?

Oh, since the first time I watched the trailer.. I knew UP was gonna be amazing. And, it truly did not disappoint. If you still haven't seen it, you've gotta check out this heart warming and visually stunning animation.. and in 3D, if yah can.

Quite a lovely story was told...
Don't know if it was my love for balloons that first intrigued me about the film, but if you find a little figure of the house (and balloons), please tell me where to get it!?

Artist, Eric Tan, designed some amazing vintage-inspired posters for the film. I love the retro, travel guide feel. ..creases, included!

07 June 2009

Oh, do I love to make birthday stationery.

The latest was a simple concept. sunburst design (on cut chipboard) ... made with a 1/8th punch and 1 inch punch, and some good adhesive.

I'm so glad you liked them, Jen! <3

25 May 2009

current crush:

I wonder.. which one to get?

24 May 2009

first.. of recent photos, saved in my camera:

Lisa`s Bridal Shower giftwrap= the awesome Domino Book of Decorating, paper shopping bag (cut down the side.. so its flat), some favorite rubber stamps (from Yellow Owl) & an inkpad, scissors & double-sided tape.

I flipped the paper bag over, and stamped on the blank side.
Wrapping gifts is one the little pleasures I love in life.
The Party was


21 May 2009

long time, no blog.

I know, I know.. .

I've been quite the busy bee, lately. I promise to be back this weekend to tell... maybe show.. you what I have been up to, exactly. With that said, "Have a sweet weekend <3"

28 April 2009

i want.. no, scratch that.. .NEED this!

The awesome duo behind Studio Violet have brought their beautiful characters to a tea party, with the introduction to (drumroll, please) .. . Circus Violet! Needless to say, I would love to have the whole collection in my home. The design is so whimsical, and I, just adore, the use of color.. or lack of. The subdued pinks and greys, hints of gold.

I can see myself throwing a little "brunch for the girls", featuring this beautiful collection. Oh, and using these for the invites?. . yuh-huh! Don't forget to check out Studio Violet & their shoppe <3

22 April 2009

happy mother earth day

.. not just today, but everyday. let's always keep her in mind.

image via ffffound.com

25 March 2009

it's here! it's finally here!

Thought that I had to wait until this Friday, but the trailer is o u t ! I have been w a i t i n g for this movie to open, and I'm so stoked to, finally, see the trailer. The few ( and only ) available photos I have googled, are amazing. The book has been a favorite since I was a kid, and the drawings are always such an inspiration. oh, and Spike Jonze?! I just love.. beautifully shot films. cinematography. Sometimes, I can get a little teary eyed.. .dream-like films. ohhh<3 Do I need that poster in my office? yes, yes I do <3

20 March 2009

BF's b-day card

As much as I love making cards for friends and family, I love purchasing super awesome cards for BF Ruben. I guess, that way I still have the cool "mini prints" in my life. Then, I can frame or display them, later on, for the both of us. .. but, mostly for me?! Is that bad? RedCap produces some of my favorites. Even though Ruben's not blond, I adore the drawing of the couple and the beautifully subdued ink colors. The "I love you" part reminds me of my own style of writing.

The card on the bottom is part of a stationery set (also, by RedCap), that I had been eyeing for the longest time, and finally bought. I heart hot air balloons.

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