10 February 2009

bu..bu..bu...bro k en.

I was so excited to see Coraline (in 3D), last friday. About a half hour into the movie, a blackout occurs. Aww, so bummed, was I. We had to take a rain check. This afternoon, we finally got to finish the film. A quick walk through the food court, because the theater is located in the mall. Bought a corndog and fries, from Hotdog on a Stick. And, I had a "star" on my receipt, which means I won a free medium lemonade! haha. Boyfriend, Ruben, and I walked passed Cinnabon, and walked right back to pick one up. A quick look for our favorite flavors at the gumball stand, and off we go to the theater.. 

So, Coraline was so beautiful, so amazing. 3D=awesome, subtle at times, and crazy in others. I can't believe all the hard work that went into the film. Gumby, James and the Giant Peach, the NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Claymation is freakin cool.

Coraline.com The movies website is so hands-on. You can button your eyes! And, I love the clips of how much work went into this film.


  1. it was a well put together movie!! :) miss you jo!

  2. OMG! I am in love with this movie!!! I haven't seen it in 3D yet, but spent an hour or so on the Coraline website playing with all the features and watching the behind the scenes movies after seeing the film in the theater. What about that woman who knitted Coraline's star sweater, or the fact that the cherry blossoms are made of pink popcorn? It makes me want to do claymation!


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