25 March 2009

it's here! it's finally here!

Thought that I had to wait until this Friday, but the trailer is o u t ! I have been w a i t i n g for this movie to open, and I'm so stoked to, finally, see the trailer. The few ( and only ) available photos I have googled, are amazing. The book has been a favorite since I was a kid, and the drawings are always such an inspiration. oh, and Spike Jonze?! I just love.. beautifully shot films. cinematography. Sometimes, I can get a little teary eyed.. .dream-like films. ohhh<3 Do I need that poster in my office? yes, yes I do <3


  1. omg! it looks so good!!! thank you.

  2. Hi Jo!
    Also can't wait to see this movie and hope posters are available soon!
    You commented on a very very old post about the Susan Bijl bags!! I got two of them and they are so handy! Always have them with me so I don't need plastic bags. They are 100 % nylon, the fabric they make parachutes from.
    Len (lennebelle.blogspot.com)

  3. update mo~

  4. that was me up there (you know who)


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