25 March 2009

it's here! it's finally here!

Thought that I had to wait until this Friday, but the trailer is o u t ! I have been w a i t i n g for this movie to open, and I'm so stoked to, finally, see the trailer. The few ( and only ) available photos I have googled, are amazing. The book has been a favorite since I was a kid, and the drawings are always such an inspiration. oh, and Spike Jonze?! I just love.. beautifully shot films. cinematography. Sometimes, I can get a little teary eyed.. .dream-like films. ohhh<3 Do I need that poster in my office? yes, yes I do <3

20 March 2009

BF's b-day card

As much as I love making cards for friends and family, I love purchasing super awesome cards for BF Ruben. I guess, that way I still have the cool "mini prints" in my life. Then, I can frame or display them, later on, for the both of us. .. but, mostly for me?! Is that bad? RedCap produces some of my favorites. Even though Ruben's not blond, I adore the drawing of the couple and the beautifully subdued ink colors. The "I love you" part reminds me of my own style of writing.

The card on the bottom is part of a stationery set (also, by RedCap), that I had been eyeing for the longest time, and finally bought. I heart hot air balloons.

10 March 2009

chipped China? fill it with gold!

I spotted these pretties over at ohjoy. Cracked and chipped dinnerware is filled in with 24k gold & floral transfers.. .creating something so striking. Ornamated Life

06 March 2009

a deer friend

I love giving note sets & stationery as gifts. Especially, jazzing them up. In this case, something, so simple, as a little deer doodle. Hmm, deer doodle? That sounds funny, but you know what I mean. .an outline. 

I drew my little deer on some leftover card stock, so I had a stencil. Traced the stencil on some decorative paper (from my scrap paper stash). .Cut them out.. and voila! Then, I ran the deer through my handy little sticker maker. Glue sticks are great for kids, but I needed some extra reinforcement, that the mini xyron (sticker maker) provides. An adhesive eraser helps get rid of the sticky gunk around the sticker. and, again, with the .. voila!

Tied some twine around the cards, and threw `em in a handmade envelope, along with a stamped birthday card. 

Oh, did this little set inspire so many more ideas! You'll see My Little Deer, again, soon.
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