25 May 2009

current crush:

I wonder.. which one to get?

24 May 2009

first.. of recent photos, saved in my camera:

Lisa`s Bridal Shower giftwrap= the awesome Domino Book of Decorating, paper shopping bag (cut down the side.. so its flat), some favorite rubber stamps (from Yellow Owl) & an inkpad, scissors & double-sided tape.

I flipped the paper bag over, and stamped on the blank side.
Wrapping gifts is one the little pleasures I love in life.
The Party was


21 May 2009

long time, no blog.

I know, I know.. .

I've been quite the busy bee, lately. I promise to be back this weekend to tell... maybe show.. you what I have been up to, exactly. With that said, "Have a sweet weekend <3"
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