24 June 2009

oh, San Francisco. .

.. how beautiful you are.

More digital photographs, I had saved on my desktop. Not ready to file away in its appropriate folder, quite yet. At least.. not until, I have a a chance to showcase some favorites from a recent outing with girlfriends. So many cool little places, in every corner. We were on the hunt for some "new home" furniture, with a dash of "paper-chasing", along the way.

22 June 2009

first photos...

thank you nevver.tumblr.com for posting a photo and link to my most anticipated film (to watch) next year.. Tim Burton`s Alice in Wonderland.

did I mention it's gonna be in 3D?

10 June 2009

the 3D movie comeback, yah dig?

Oh, since the first time I watched the trailer.. I knew UP was gonna be amazing. And, it truly did not disappoint. If you still haven't seen it, you've gotta check out this heart warming and visually stunning animation.. and in 3D, if yah can.

Quite a lovely story was told...
Don't know if it was my love for balloons that first intrigued me about the film, but if you find a little figure of the house (and balloons), please tell me where to get it!?

Artist, Eric Tan, designed some amazing vintage-inspired posters for the film. I love the retro, travel guide feel. ..creases, included!

07 June 2009

Oh, do I love to make birthday stationery.

The latest was a simple concept. sunburst design (on cut chipboard) ... made with a 1/8th punch and 1 inch punch, and some good adhesive.

I'm so glad you liked them, Jen! <3
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