28 September 2009

Take a stand.

Earlier this week, I awoke with the yearning for... .an awesome cake stand. My love for cooking ( and all things kitchenware ) has led me here. I think it is a definite necessity in my home, and hope to, one day, stumble upon the ultimate vintage find. For now, I've found a few great D.I.Y.'s. The latter, of the three, being my most favourite! Afterall, I do <3 trees.

top: vintage redux  left: terra whata?  right: prettyy
The possibilities are endless, and a cake stand always adds a bit of "oooh and awww" at little gatherings. But who even needs the party? Just shrink it down to a saucer size, for the ever so beautiful "single cupcake stand". I'm in love with this one, I spotted over at Etsy. .by WhitneySmith. The color is very eye pleasing. "thou shalt eat cake!"

09 September 2009

i think i'm in love.. .again.

Just couldn't help, but share, the latest oncewed d.i.y., by Anna Bond (of Rifle Design). What a fabulous twist on the ever-so-popular pom pom. Anna rocks!

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