22 April 2010

happy Earth Day!

-Keeping a canvas bag rolled up in my purse, makes me feel better. 

-Reusing old shopping bags for gift packaging is always fun.. oh, and don't forget to save ribbon from gifts you get.

-I love these buttons (made from old security envelopes), from the Sweetie Pie Press.

-Free downloadable recycling labels, over at Poppytalk. They are so pretty.

-Check out these crazy recycled bags, over at Poketo. They're made from old suits!

-Paint old things. I love what Natalie Jost did to these old baking pans.

-Just saw Food, Inc. today. Buy local, buy organic. "Buy from companies that treat their products, employees and the Earth with RESPECT."

-Earth Day is everyday!

hearts, Jo


  1. I love your blog! Now I'm going to check out all the links...along with you past posts.
    have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thank YoU. i had a nice and relaxing weekend! hope you had a nice one! hearts


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