14 April 2010

Over at...

Anthropologie, I found these beautifully detailed "From the Sea" dishes. Kitchenware is, seriously, one of my most favorites because I loove to cook. My fondness for pretty packages and presentation doesn't help, either. Do you see that cool embossed anchor? I could just imagine serving shrimp cocktail on one of the dishes. Key words, "just imagine".. For bf Ruben and I are "on a budget", and planning to move to a new city in the next year or two.

A few more, that I do adore:


  1. hi jonahliza! you found my blog - and now i found yours! thanks for stopping by. your blog is super cute. hope you are doing well. i might see you soon since i need more envelopes :)

  2. thanks, kristin <3 your shoppe and site are soo pretty! i'm happy to have found it.


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