20 May 2010

good finds...

   Walked around the local thrift store, with my mom and sis, the other day. This particular store was always a haven for awesome blouses, but I rummaged for about an hour and couldn't find anything good. Perused through the jewelry, and found a great pair of earrings. The price, not so great. So I passed. Next stop-homewares, a long time love. Went down the first aisle, and saw a beautiful teapot! Indecisiveness is one of my weaknesses. I continued down the other aisles then made a turn back to the first one. Inspected the teapot for cracks and blemishes, and didn't find any. Asked my sis what she thought (she approved!). Placed the "new find" in the shopping cart my mom was pushing around, and strolled along the shop, elated with my new and super awesome piece.

   I'm not quite sure if I'll use the teapot, often. But I sure do know it'll look great displayed in my kitchen. .like a piece of artwork. The kitchen is one of my most favorite places, so the teapot will make me happy every time I'm there.
   The greatest thing about shopping at local thrift stores, flea markets and dollar stores are some of the most magnificent things you encounter. They're what I love to call "good finds".

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  1. beautfiul! you have to love those pieces that are too pretty to use. : )


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