08 May 2010

What I've been up to, lately-

With the country's current economy, work load (at my day job) has been dwindling... It's kind of a good thing. With a bit more time in my hands, I've been given the chance to work on things I'm a little more passionate about. Remember this post? Well... I'm gonna do it! The goal is to get my lil Etsy shoppe up and running by the end of June 2010, introducing a line of paper goods. Making things is the best! And I couldn't be happier. 

Here's a quick shot of my desk and some things I have been working on. (more to come!)

And below is a birthday card I made for a new friend. The card starring one of these awesome stamp sets, from Studio Violet. I messed up a little on Manager Kattas face, stamping it too light. So I decided to stamp it over again. I LOVED how awesomely 3D it looked, and did it for Mr. Mustache, too. Oh, mistakes can be grand!

P.S. The office is in a different room, with walls, now. Have a lovely weekend! I think BF and I are gonna try and check out Iron Man 2.


  1. Jo! When are you gonna start your etsy biz! You are way too talented. LOoooove your craft table.


  2. Thanks, Jen <3 I'm definitely saving you a lil sample pack!


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