05 July 2010

Rosy (Designs) Rocks!

   Late the other night, I did an Etsy search for greeting cards featuring balloons. And on the very last page, was one of the cutest cards ever! If you've read this blog before, you may know I have a thing for hearts and hearts. So I thought the little balloon (below), featured in a few of Rosy Designs' paper goods, made for the perfect greeting. 
   It wasn't just the hearts that got me. The overall design and concept is well thought out. From the fun characters she features on each print, to the slightly faded vintage backdrop, to the typewriter style messages.. I had to ask Roselina Hung (Rosy, herself) if her cards were sold at any stationers because I can totally see them there. No local shoppes just yet, but the next best thing. She has a line of cards coming out soon on TinyPrints.com. You gotta check out Rosy happenings on her blog and her Etsy shoppe, where I was happy to have found her. And don't forget her site, RosyDesigns.com.

I'm a stickler for art featuring a woman with long black hair (like the ashley g. print)... because I have long black hair and bangs, myself. eheheh. I'll be back soon, with even more balloons. Promise. Hope you're having a great start to the week <3


  1. Soo cute! Your blog is adorable too :)

  2. how lovely!! thanks for sharing!!

  3. What cute cards! I will be checking out her etsy shop now, thanks.

  4. did you see them on tiny prints yet?!


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