08 September 2010

Bunny and the Bull

A lovely, lovely film trailer. I think its just how imaginative and home-made it looks, that reminds me a little of one of my ultimate favorites, by the amazing Michel Gondry. Not to mention the fact that Bunny and the Bull is directed by Paul King, writer and director of The Mighty Boosh. The film (which stars two of the Boosh stars) is a road trip of sorts, that kinda just takes place in a London flat? Yeah, awesome, I know. Enjoy the trailer.. and the start of fall. I've missed you cold weather. It's been too long.

I've got a new work space, that still needs some organizing, and decorating. I promise to get back to blogging more. And, hopefully I'll have more shop news, by the end of the month.

Hearts and hearts, Jo


  1. This looks AMAZING!! Love it! And there is also Moss from the IT crowd! Its the best! if we lived closer together I'd offer to have a movie night with cupcakes and tea! epic film! thanks for putting me onto it :)

  2. oh, yes.. that sounds lovely! wish we could. it looks so imaginative and unassuming.


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