12 September 2010

happy birthday, sis

   My kid sister (who isn't really a kid, but I call her that anyways) turned 21 over the weekend. Although, I'm treating her to breakfast, shopping and a sewing class, here, in a couple weeks.. doesn't mean I can get away without making a few little TreeCookies, too. I played with this paper doll kit, and made a "mini Theresa", and then had the BEST idea! Who is one of her favorites?

Totoro! All I did, was trace an image from the web, transfer it to colored card stock and cut, cut, cut and glue away. I had so much fun making him, parading him around my desk for little bit, until it was time to go in the envelope. Along with a Marvy LePen (which are just lovely and oh so colorful.)

I couldn't forget the leaf. Paper Totoro says, "Have a great week!" Maybe, you can try to make your own paper creatures, too? The end result can be quite satisfying.

p.s. striking print-> Big Sister, Little Sister by PeachPatrol. It's perfect.


  1. Those are soo perfect! Happy Birthday to your sis!

  2. You are truly the most creative person I know : ) You inspire me!!! XOXO

  3. Love your paper cuts and use of Japanese washi tape!

  4. thanks, guys! happy weekend <3

  5. I love, love, love your Paper Totoro. Fecking adorable!

  6. so cute and so crafty:)
    good job!
    smiles, gina

  7. this is so adorable!!!
    happy birthday to your sis :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  8. Adorable paper designs! Love the deco tape you added on the cards, too.

  9. I love your blog and totoro :)

  10. Hello hello! Thanks for reading my blog. Thought I'd return the favour and who should I find but Totoro! Marvellous! I love how blogging makes the world a little bit smaller, so you can hear from like-minded crafty bloggers all over the world :)

  11. ooh thanks for featuring my mini print, love!!totoro is the bestest x


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