25 December 2010

some shots of my December

Wow-did this holiday season fly. I'm glad today is going slower than usual. It is Christmas after all. 

Below, holiday cards I designed when the Giants were in the playoffs..

I didn't have the right ribbon color for my first gift, so I went straight for my big bag-o-yarn! And used pieces throughout the season. Noel gift tags from Eat Drink Chic and some cute Camilla Engman tags, all free to download.  

I heart gift wrapping, seriously.

Christmas morning at the Creek..Time to take it easy and enjoy being with loved ones.

Wishing you and yours a happy Christmas.. 


  1. I love everything you create! You are truly an artist. And I LOVE the heart paper, no surprise there!!! xoxo

  2. I love your Christmas wrapping!! Everything looks like it was wrapped with love.

    And a couple posts below - ice cream on eggos? YUM!

  3. Jo, you are so talented. I love this stuff. Beautiful.

  4. Adorable! Happy Holidays, girl!

  5. happy new year! your blog is cute! thanks for visiting mine and for the sweet comment:)

  6. Hope you all had a great December.. Wishing you a happy new year <3 hearts and hearts, jo

  7. Wrapping is not my forté...I'm jealous! So adorable! And that creek photo -- it's beautiful! Hope you had great holidays!


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