30 April 2010

happy TREE Day!

On the very first Arbor Day, in 1872, an estimated 1 million trees were planted! Let's not forget, to always celebrate Life and the Nature around us. Happy weekend.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

It's so nice to have San Francisco so close (about an hour train ride away). BF and I went to the city a few weekends ago to check out Charlotte Gainsbourg's concert, at the Palace of Fine Arts. A perfect backdrop to a beautiful concert.

I must say, I have a little "girl crush" on Charlotte.. the Science of Sleep (in which she stars alongside Gael Garcia Bernal) is one of my most favorite films! So, I was super stoked to see her perform her music live. IRM is her third album, but this was her very first tour. Her shy mannerisms and nervousness subsided after she warmed up with a few songs. The show started off light, introducing the audience to Charlottes soft voice. I almost wish there was a dance floor.. The music-making me groove around in my seat, all night. 

25 April 2010


This film reminds me of those quirky love stories I adore. .(Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the Science of Sleep, being among others. But they deserve their own posts another time).. I haven't seen Timer, yet. But the movie trailer is worth checkin out. Do you remember Emma Caulfield from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the original 90210?

p.s. Just saw this PAPERMAN movie trailer at iTunes Trailers. It looks even more quirky! And reminds me a lil of Lars and the Real Girl. Another one to check out. Happy Monday <3

22 April 2010

happy Earth Day!

-Keeping a canvas bag rolled up in my purse, makes me feel better. 

-Reusing old shopping bags for gift packaging is always fun.. oh, and don't forget to save ribbon from gifts you get.

-I love these buttons (made from old security envelopes), from the Sweetie Pie Press.

-Free downloadable recycling labels, over at Poppytalk. They are so pretty.

-Check out these crazy recycled bags, over at Poketo. They're made from old suits!

-Paint old things. I love what Natalie Jost did to these old baking pans.

-Just saw Food, Inc. today. Buy local, buy organic. "Buy from companies that treat their products, employees and the Earth with RESPECT."

-Earth Day is everyday!

hearts, Jo

14 April 2010

Over at...

Anthropologie, I found these beautifully detailed "From the Sea" dishes. Kitchenware is, seriously, one of my most favorites because I loove to cook. My fondness for pretty packages and presentation doesn't help, either. Do you see that cool embossed anchor? I could just imagine serving shrimp cocktail on one of the dishes. Key words, "just imagine".. For bf Ruben and I are "on a budget", and planning to move to a new city in the next year or two.

A few more, that I do adore:

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