15 August 2010

thank you

... to everyone out there. Friends and family, near and far. Stay positive <3

I made some thank you cards, for some great people who helped celebrate my birthday with me. The Golden Gate Bridge and home stamp is a set from Yellow Owl Workshop (whom I just adore. See here and here.) I picked it up as my souvenir at DeYoung. I also used one of my carved heart blocks and a stamp kit I got at the local office store. Love the orange. Go Giants!

12 August 2010


   "Poketo takes art off the gallery walls and makes them a part of your everyday life". A design studio and online shop, opening in 2003, by the super awesome (and way cool) couple, Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung. The shop features fun cameras, clothing, home goods and than some. And, I just love all their collaborations with tons of artists from all over the world! They started the company, selling limited edition wallets with designs from the different artists, which you can find here, including photos of out of print wallets.

   Not only does Poketo offer great merchandise, they have a wonderful blog, chock full of shop updates, great art and music, travel, current events and yummy yummy food. Needless to say, I love and appreciate what Poketo offers and am so happy with their new line for Target. They're bringing their beloved work nationwide, yo.
   Below are two of my favorites... I can't wait to stop by Target this week and pick up a little treat for myself. And if you plan on doing the same, I would hurry. I hear the stuff is going fast.

Above: sweet wallet by Camilla Engman. Below: one sik print, by Mike Perry.

P.S. The name Poketo comes from Angie's grandma. Who pronounced pocket, poketo. Too cute, huh!?
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