14 November 2012

My Lately, through Instagram

Do you Instagram? It's been my new obsession, since I got an iPhone (finally.) My username is just my first name, JONAHLIZA. Come find me, so we can be "insta-buddies"!

10 July 2012


   I threw my first "proper" dinner party, last night. Even though I was running back and forth the first half, it was still lots of fun. I bake for friends and family all the time, but hosting a party is a lot more work. Plenty of practice for planning "The Wedding." I am hosting another one, for all my colleagues, in a couple of days. The attendance will be bigger, and I'm excited! 

   Some tips I learned: Organize all the decor and pretty dishes a few days ahead of time. Do not lounge around and watch the baseball game the morning of. Carry my camera the whole night. Prep, prep, prep! 

Closing time.

26 January 2012

Long time, no blog.

Time has really flown by. Sorry, for my lack of posts. I've lost a bit of blogging and crafting inspiration, lately. I was kinda bummed I didn't make any holiday cards this year (sorry, to my usual Christmas card giftees!) And Pinterest has taken over most of my "web browsing" life. It's just so darn easy to save favorites there. Working longer hours at my day job didn't help, either. Needless to say,  it's a new year. Happy, happy 2012! With that said, a bit of good news.

Last month, I got engaged (yay!) and have been knee deep in planning a happy, colorful and very budget-friendly wedding. It's pretty fun, and definitely not the oddball, quickie Vegas wedding I wanted 10 years ago. Eek. Any-who, there's also a few new items I've been working on for the shoppe. Promise, to keep ya posted. Have a great rest of the week! Cheers <3

(photo via paper tastebuds)
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