10 July 2012


   I threw my first "proper" dinner party, last night. Even though I was running back and forth the first half, it was still lots of fun. I bake for friends and family all the time, but hosting a party is a lot more work. Plenty of practice for planning "The Wedding." I am hosting another one, for all my colleagues, in a couple of days. The attendance will be bigger, and I'm excited! 

   Some tips I learned: Organize all the decor and pretty dishes a few days ahead of time. Do not lounge around and watch the baseball game the morning of. Carry my camera the whole night. Prep, prep, prep! 

Closing time.


  1. Pretty!!!! Hey do you want the pom poms and circle thingies from my wedding? Message me on Fb if you do. You can see pics of them in the wedding photos on FB. :) -Jess

  2. You did a lovely job Jo! But yes, hosting a party is always more work than it seems, and I also scramble around in the beginning when guests are arriving.

  3. jess, thanks so much! i'll letcha know. i already have some i've made, recently. and i think i need to know, for sure, where we are gonna get married at, first. hehe.

    thanks, jen.. that is comforting to hear. it was so great to see you!


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