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16 April 2011

25 December 2010

some shots of my December

Wow-did this holiday season fly. I'm glad today is going slower than usual. It is Christmas after all. 

Below, holiday cards I designed when the Giants were in the playoffs..

I didn't have the right ribbon color for my first gift, so I went straight for my big bag-o-yarn! And used pieces throughout the season. Noel gift tags from Eat Drink Chic and some cute Camilla Engman tags, all free to download.  

I heart gift wrapping, seriously.

Christmas morning at the Creek..Time to take it easy and enjoy being with loved ones.

Wishing you and yours a happy Christmas.. 

12 September 2010

happy birthday, sis

   My kid sister (who isn't really a kid, but I call her that anyways) turned 21 over the weekend. Although, I'm treating her to breakfast, shopping and a sewing class, here, in a couple weeks.. doesn't mean I can get away without making a few little TreeCookies, too. I played with this paper doll kit, and made a "mini Theresa", and then had the BEST idea! Who is one of her favorites?

Totoro! All I did, was trace an image from the web, transfer it to colored card stock and cut, cut, cut and glue away. I had so much fun making him, parading him around my desk for little bit, until it was time to go in the envelope. Along with a Marvy LePen (which are just lovely and oh so colorful.)

I couldn't forget the leaf. Paper Totoro says, "Have a great week!" Maybe, you can try to make your own paper creatures, too? The end result can be quite satisfying.

p.s. striking print-> Big Sister, Little Sister by PeachPatrol. It's perfect.

07 June 2009

Oh, do I love to make birthday stationery.

The latest was a simple concept. sunburst design (on cut chipboard) ... made with a 1/8th punch and 1 inch punch, and some good adhesive.

I'm so glad you liked them, Jen! <3

24 May 2009

first.. of recent photos, saved in my camera:

Lisa`s Bridal Shower giftwrap= the awesome Domino Book of Decorating, paper shopping bag (cut down the side.. so its flat), some favorite rubber stamps (from Yellow Owl) & an inkpad, scissors & double-sided tape.

I flipped the paper bag over, and stamped on the blank side.
Wrapping gifts is one the little pleasures I love in life.
The Party was


06 March 2009

a deer friend

I love giving note sets & stationery as gifts. Especially, jazzing them up. In this case, something, so simple, as a little deer doodle. Hmm, deer doodle? That sounds funny, but you know what I mean. .an outline. 

I drew my little deer on some leftover card stock, so I had a stencil. Traced the stencil on some decorative paper (from my scrap paper stash). .Cut them out.. and voila! Then, I ran the deer through my handy little sticker maker. Glue sticks are great for kids, but I needed some extra reinforcement, that the mini xyron (sticker maker) provides. An adhesive eraser helps get rid of the sticky gunk around the sticker. and, again, with the .. voila!

Tied some twine around the cards, and threw `em in a handmade envelope, along with a stamped birthday card. 

Oh, did this little set inspire so many more ideas! You'll see My Little Deer, again, soon.
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